The U.S. government does not allow tourism travel to Cuba. The only way you can go is under one of the categories of travel outlined by the U.S. Treasury. We have been taking groups to Cuba for 20 years and have been approved by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control.The purpose of our category is for travelers to engage in meaningful people-to-people contact during these cultural exchanges.  We are to have a full time schedule of events toward this end.  It has been our experience that there is so much to do and see in Cuba that this is not an issue.

All you need is a valid passport.  We organize the trip and make all the reservations.  The entry permit is known as a visa—you must keep this until you leave Cuba.   There is a full time schedule of events available and we hope to accomplish as much of it as you want.  There will also be flexibility for special events or requests of individual travelers.