“Our friends now want to go there…”

Good Morning Steve:

Dan & I saw a great TV show on Ch. 8 in Tampa on Saturday evening. As you know, it was a show about Cuba which featured you in it. We caught it by chance and had some friends here who watched it with us. You looked great and did a fine job of talking about traveling in Havana. Needless to say, our friends now want to go there, so we gave them your information. It was such fun to see you on screen and being at the places you had taken us !

Steve, hopefully you have received the 3 CD’s of pics that Dan sent. He has given a talk to his Camera Club using some of those shots. He thought Ricardo & Alejandro would enjoy the pictures, too. What do you know about our Japanese documentary?

I feel that we will all meet again. Cuba sure is in the news here now, especially since Tampa is pushing for the embargo meetings to be here. Enjoy your travels!

-Sue Loveday